Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy freekin Holidays

I really have no excuse why I have not been on here. Well maybe I do, I now have 3 children no matter how beautiful they are they take allot of time and all of my patience. I have a sweet baby 4 months old now! He is named after his daddy. Tanner Brandon Haws. His first name I just loved because well just cuz. His second name is perfect because everything about him is his daddy. I will post a picture up here soon. Aidan is still our little tornado, keeping me running around the house to save all the breakables. McKade is my little sensitive guy either really happy or really upset about something never just a happy medium. I hope its just the age! We now have no relatives living with us it is very quiet other than the 3 kids screaming. My new hobby is finding coupons I like getting free items in the mail and paying only tax on items at the store. I am now weekly pushing myself to see what good deal I can get! I can't wait till I am one of those mommies that comes home with 2,000.00 worth of groceries for only 50.00 out of pocket. I miss you all and can't wait to see what you are all up to.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Husband

My husband is 6 foot something looks like santa without the white hair and beard, and instead of a red suit he wears a blue suit with a badge that says I'm the man! Just teasing he is a hot guy when he is not showing people how to do high kicks lol.

Ahhh I have a great husband he has been sooo good to me! He is covering my shifts at Dixie Ambulance, dealing with my mood swings, bringing me food as we pass on our shift changes, and giving me back rubs at midnight when I get home from work. I know things are not always perfect but he is making this life being pregnant very easy. He is great with the kids! It's easy for him because he is still pretty much a kid at heart. I can't wait for our adventure on Friday when we go on our little mini vacation in California! I am excited to see how romantic he can get. Any of you who know my husband that is like pulling teeth! When I tell him he needs to say something nice to me he tells me my hair smells good! So he is not very romantic but he is very sweet when he wants to be.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Blogging again!

To all those who keep asking me when I am going to blog again. Well here ya go!

I am now 17 weeks prego with # 3 Wa Hoo! I can't wait to find out what it is. I am now working one job instead of three. I work in dispatch 3 days a week and it's still kinda taking a toll on my energy. My kids are getting huge. Aidan is talking up a storm and loves to ride his scooter, and as always his temper continues on. McKade has received many certificates in school for his reading he is doing a great job he read the whole book Green Eggs and Ham to me in the truck on the way to the store one day. It makes me a little sad just because I would like him to stay little.

Brandon and I are going to Anaheim, CA in 4 days just he and I. It's going to be interesting. I don't know how to function away from the kids. I will miss them but it will be a nice break. We are going to California and I am prego what am I going to do?! The beach sounds nice, maybe a spa, and nice dinners.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I work six days a week now. I am working three jobs. Dixie Ambulance, Dispatch, and Ivins Fire and Rescue. Lately the days have been long and tiring. It's nice to go home and see my beautiful kids. I just can't keep up with them sometimes.

My sweet son Mckade is such a smartie pants he remembers everything, except the things like clean up your room, no you can't go to the neighbor kids house, or no cookies for breakfast! He loves his animals! He just taught Sugar our little terrier how to eat treats, she is very good at it now lol. (dont tell him but she was a little snack hog anyway), and he just taught Hank the big German Shephard how to lay down (he should be called lazy Hank). The Pot Belly Pig is another story he loves to eat and squeel but I know Mckade taught him that too.

As for Aidan Camrin I think his brother Mckade was up to his teaching techniques again and taught him to scream cuz that is all he does. He is starting to talk alot he calls Brandon "Honey", and man is that funny. We give Brandon alot of crap for it. I am Honey too of course but he calls Mckade "Kade", and his aunt Andrea Da, he can swear and that's always nice. One little slip up and he says the not nice version of crap all the time.

Well I will get some pictures and post them soon, peace.. smile!